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Mihriay’s philosophy

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Since I was young, I love to share what I learned to my family by verbal expression or by actions. Also, due to my father’s sharp observation of every detail of changes in me, he or my mother and others will give corrections to my actions. 

For other daily tasks, they set good examples such as the ways of show respect to others, holding oneself, walking, daily routines, eating and greeting manners. 

I think it is the first education, family education which cultivate love in the kid’s heart.

Gradually at the each stage of life, kids get different ID. 

Or we get different ID like pupils, high schoolers. 

And at further run, even some of us got IDs such as college students or masters and others. 

At any occasions, we are attached to our surroundings. 

So as the nature of human, we are eager to seek uncertainties. So we wanted to desire changes and believe in that these changes may come true by other people, at different places or at different ages( at older ages).

All the above are true at some extent, but the most importantly, the willingness ( courgades) to welcome these changes are the matters at the majority of cases. 


My education philosophy is the education/ teaching can be done at the any moment and at any places. 

The two components are educators, in majority of cases parents at family or teachers at school and to be educators ( learner) are correspondingly kids and students are the object of the education. 

Therefore as mission of the teacher is spread what we learned to the kids. 

Or is more about spreading goods. 

So having good habits, good characters are the key in the long run of way of spreading goods. 

So I wished to the a person who can spread the goods which are installed by the creator, by the family to the kids, 

I hope you can evaluate my teaching skills carefully.


In conclusion the purpose of the education is spreading goods and developing life-earning skills to the kids. 

The means of education can be varied by it’s components. 

Besides the family education, which is core in future development of kids, the school education and accumulations out of the schools can be conducted by teachers students interaction or peer-learnings. 

Cultivating love, in the majority of cases are the process of gradually acquiring and losing,

Maybe that’s why the babies and elders always get more care and love from others than other-aged human population.

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