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You were the life I hold,

It was the good news I told,

Our family was in delight,

The world was alive that day,

 The moon was full and bright.

The moon was smiling,

smiling from the window,

shining in the dark,

I called you, Mihriay,

It meant “the moon of love”.

You were the one,

Who told me crying meant good news,

It didn’t mean someone passed away.

You are the life I held in my arms,

You were the spirit,

Made me feel warm.

Your innocent eyes,

 Your bright smile,

embraced me joy.

How did I raise you, how I lead you to walk,

How did I care for you, how i taught you to talk.

How did I lose you,

how to let you go.

The cold iron cage i was trapped in

Grabbed you so tight,

It squeezed you,

Squeezed to die.

Rains are dropping, creeping down my arm,

Rains are digging a hole,

Down into my mind.

Clouds crying, my lips are dry like the desert.

Rains are digging hole,

down into my heart,

The hole it dug is dry so dry.

The hole in my heart is empty, like the well in the desert.

How can my eyes cry,

They were already dry.

The desert never cry,

Like the desert never cry.

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