To whom will the mother tongue fund be given?

Mehriay Erkin Mother Tongue Award


Remembering Mehria Erkin, who died in Chinese concentration camp, was engaged in extracurricular mother-tongue teaching while studying in Japan, commemorating the love of children and parental support, and commemorating the contribution of thousands of mother-tongue teachers imprisoned in Chinese concentration camps. In order to draw attention to the mother tongue and to make the teaching of the mother tongue in the diaspora more enthusiastic, broad and consistent, Japan Uyghur Association intends to establish the Mehriay Erkin Mother Tongue Award.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories.

  1. Mother tongue teacher, that is, a teacher.
  2. Mother tongue learners, i.e., children of primary school age.

Requirements for teachers:

(1) To be popular in teaching, to be popular; (2) To be innovative; (3) To be independent in teaching, to practice, to teach, or to master such methods. (4) The quality of teaching has improved year by year, and the number of students has been steadily increasing.

Requirements for students: Continuous learning of the mother tongue, proof of the results of the mother tongue on social media, publications and Uyghur venues, success in various competitions in Uyghur, being proactive in learning the mother tongue, and encouraging others to learn the mother tongue.

Rewards: A commemorative plaque with a photo of Mehriay Erkin, a certificate and a cash prize (100,000 JPY for teacher, 50,000 JPY for student).

Reward Time: Annually celebrated on the 23rd of February, the birthday of Mehriay. The first release will be on February 23, 2022. Each year, after the end of the first prize, the next prize is prepared.

Awarding Organization: Japan Uyghur Association