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Reborn as the Peonies

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It is a famous Uyghur poem about peonies. It means the people fought for freedom and died, they can reborn as peonies.

When a Norwegian journalst asked me:

Why are you so strongly connected to Mihriay? Did you spend a lot of time together when she grew up?

I thought it for a while i don’t know what to say. I spent my long time with my mother. However I didn’t cried so much as I did for Mihriay. When something remind me my mother, i didn’t cry, but for Mihriay i always couldn’t control myself.

I don’t know is it because of loving her so deep like my daughter told me, or because of her success in academy, would be a successful scientist according to her performance, or because of her contribution when I need help.

I think those are the reasons, but main reason i believe that I tried to save people there up to three million including my brother and sisters, i tried so hard for four years, but at the end i lost my niece i could.

 She died in Kashgar, she died at the same detention center which i was electricised and abused, I thought those are reasons what kept torturing me.

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